Andromeda Botanic Gardens 
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Welcome to our photo gallery. Each photo collection represents only a sample of what you may see at the Andromeda Botanic Gardens. Below are some examples from each collection. Visit us to see more. Just click on the photos and enjoy.


Helic iris B use.JPG (78896 bytes) Talipot Palm.JPG (261684 bytes) orc deep purp use.JPG (61039 bytes) pond lilly flower purpl an white.JPG (86552 bytes) medicinal garden balsam use.JPG (105548 bytes)
Heliconias Palms Orchids Aquatic Plants Medicinal Plants

Garlic Vine (in flower)600.JPG (137212 bytes)

Xerophytes1.JPG (367274 bytes)

Scenic shots




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