Andromeda Botanic Gardens 
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Medicinal Plants Info

Medicinal Plants 

Click on any of the thumbnails below to view samples from the medicinal plants collection we are currently developing at The Andromeda Botanic Gardens. Click here for more information about medicinal plants.


medicinal belly.JPG (118410 bytes) Noni palnt use1 6inch.JPG (37444 bytes) medicinal gul root2.JPG (94606 bytes) medicinal gully root.JPG (126204 bytes) pop a gun use.JPG (72050 bytes)
Belly ache bush Noni Fruit \ Dog Dumpling Gully root Gully root Pop a gun



Madagascar periwinkle (medicinal).JPG (365761 bytes) medi ball bush sig4inch.JPG (12728 bytes)  medicinal garden balsam use.JPG (105548 bytes)  Wormwood 1 6inch.JPG (45066 bytes)  Staff with medicinals 6inch.JPG (49989 bytes)
Madagascar periwinkle  Ball Bush Sign Garden balsam  Wormwood  


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