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Andromeda is well known locally and to some extent internationally for its collection of heliconias. Heliconias belong to the order Zingiberales. Andromeda can boast to being the site of origin of the cultivar  "Golden Torch" (Heliconia psittacorum x H. spathocircinata), which is extensively cultivated in Florida for the cut flower industry. The heliconia cultivar "Iris Bannochie" (Heliconia stricta) was also named after the founder of the gardens. Both of these cultivars (or cultivated forms), can be seen below.

Click on the thumbnails below to view a sample of our collection of heliconias. Visit us at the gardens to see and learn more.


heliconia Iris B 6inch.JPG (35781 bytes) Golden Torch Heli 5inch.JPG (35815 bytes) helic latis 6 inch.JPG (33998 bytes) Heliconia Beefsteak 6inch.JPG (31503 bytes) Heliconia Jacquinii 6inch.JPG (33448 bytes)
Heliconia stricta
'Iris Bannochie`
Golden Torch (Heliconia psittacorum x Heliconia spathocircinata) Heliconia latispatha Heliconia mariae
'Beefsteak heliconia'
Heliconia caribaea x H. bihai 'Jacquinii'


Heliconia rostrata 6inch.JPG (29157 bytes) Heli latis5inch.JPG (27360 bytes) helicon rhizomes and sucker use5inch.JPG (42297 bytes) heliconia metallica4inch.JPG (39066 bytes) Heliconia bihai cv Lobster claw5inch.JPG (17604 bytes)
Heliconia rostrata Heliconia latispatha Suckers forming from rhizomes at base of uprooted heliconia Heliconia metallica Heliconia bihai


Helic emerge use 6inch.JPG (43870 bytes) Heli psit cul 6inch.JPG (24655 bytes) Heliconia large use 6inch.JPG (37501 bytes) helico beef form 6inch.JPG (32186 bytes) helico beefsteak1 6 inch.JPG (34764 bytes)
Helionia caribaea x Heliconia bihai `Blaze 2` Heliconia psittacorum x H. marginata Helionia caribaea x Heliconia bihai `Blaze 1` Heliconia mariae
'Beefsteak heliconia'
Heliconia mariae
'Beefsteak heliconia'


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